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  • Me and my boyfriend applied for an apartment about 2 years ago here we paid 200 dollars admin fee for an apartment that suppose to become vacant the next month. But the tenant changed their mind and decided to stay. After that we wanted our money back and they refuse to give it back. The point is they should never had taken our money until they knew for sure it was becoming vacant. Then they tried to give us another apartment that was going to cost us more money and was putting us on the second floor. We refused it and just wanted our money back. Becacuse we didn't get what we was promised. So be very careful of this place make sure the older tenants are moving out before you give them any money.
  • I want to thank Gail for all her help with my apartment. I moved in 08/01 had some minor issues but she got them took care of. My apartment was exactly what I expected. Thanks again Gail for all your help.
  • Josh and the office staff are great with supporting the residents. Thanks for what you do!!!
  • The Assistant Manager, Mrs Gale, was rude and disrespectful to my wife by telling her she don't want to talk to her and told us that Pest Control wouldn't spray our apartment even though we pay for the service. Because the Cockroaches coming from the Mold and several times of water coming in from the apartment above us. Telling us how we need to live. My wife was complaining only about the Mold and the Pest Control. She told my wife she is bad and doesn't treat me good as a husband. Which to me as a husband is a concern between me and my wife. It is unprofessional from Mrs. Gale to come up with those comments. She told my wife she didn't want to talk to her anymore because she can't deal with her. The apartments were told about the Mold the last time I wrote a review and they came took photos in the past. So, again they took photos. We were told they will fix the Mold but it hasn't happened yet. Mrs. Gale told us that Pest Control won't come until the Mold is taken care of. Even though, approximately 4-5 months ago they were told about the Mold and it was going to be taken care of. So we won't have Pest Control for over 3 months. We are frustrated with the Customer Service here. I will talk to the Manager, Mrs. Amy when she comes back from vacation to possibly renew my rental agreement and also to see if she can tell me they can fix the problems in my apartment. I will wait for her to return because I, we don't want to deal with Mrs. Gale.
  • I would like to say that Amy and Gale are two of the most beautiful people on the outside as well as on the inside. They really get the job done. If there is anything that they could do to help you they will go out of there way to do so. They work great as a team. Great job we can use more people like you two,
  • I can't say enough about Ms.Gayle,she's very attentive and pleasant. The two Maintenance guys that i met Mr.Charles, and the other young man was super nice. Great place to reside!!
  • I would like to give a Big Thanks to The New Staffing Team, I've been asking for a new stove and refrigerator for months. Finally the new maintenance guy came by to check out the items and stated I was in need for new items. Well I entered my kitchen and cried when I saw my new stove. Still waiting on Refrigerator hopefully they will get me one. Thank You All so much.